Friday, May 23, 2008

Broadweave to replace iProvo FTTH portals


Scott said...

This is pretty damning against whoever is being blamed. Is it still Ciena/WWP? I've not seen any announcements of a change in vendors, and FTTH vendors are not usually a reticent lot.

Not natively supporting SIP? What protocol are they using? H248? Megaco? Something more ancient?
There is a lot more to be learned here.

Or is it all a smokescreen by the new owners to tamp down expectations?

Scott said...

Posting for a colleague without an account:

I am sure that politically Broadweave had to publicly appear very decisive and aggressive to improve the iProvo network and solve its problems in order to try and keep customers from cancelling their iProvo services.

So it appears that Broadweave has decided publicly to put the blame for the problems on WWP/Ciena even if there may have been other contributors to the network problems and poor service.

However, the face that Broadweave has now publicly said they are planning to replace all the ONUs (which is a very expensive and big manpower project) would seem to indicate that there really are some serious problems with the WWP ONUs.

However, Broadweave said they are giving Ciena/WWP 90 days to fix the problem . . . after the closing of Broadweave’s purchase of iProvo. So that could mean that Ciena may have 5-6 months or even more to fix the problem . . .

which seems like a long time to wait if the ONUs are really causing such serious problems.

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