Friday, September 07, 2007

Japan, GEPON dominate FTTH

100Mbps, VoIP & TV: $40/Month (France)

Designing fiber optic networks for reliability (pdf)

Video drives broadband use worldwide (pdf - page 2)

Why we need more fiber (pdf)

Fascinating Analysis of Internet Traffic in Japan

Tellabs moves ONTs indoors

Verizon Makes FiOS More Mobile

OFS Announces Solution For Fiber-to-the-Multiple Dwelling Unit Deployments

FTTH The Focus For Fujikura At ECOC 2007

Prysmian Telecom Takes To The Road In Major European FTTH Tour

180 Connect Inc. Secures New Fiber-To-The-Premise Contracts In The Western United States

It's premesis, not premise!


prem·ise [prem-is]
1.Also, premiss. Logic. a proposition supporting or helping to support a conclusion.
a.a tract of land including its buildings.
b.a building together with its grounds or other appurtenances.
c.the property forming the subject of a conveyance or bequest.
a.a basis, stated or assumed, on which reasoning proceeds. earlier statement in a document.
c.(in a bill in equity) the statement of facts upon which the complaint is based.
–verb (used with object) set forth beforehand, as by way of introduction or explanation. assume, either explicitly or implicitly, (a proposition) as a premise for a conclusion.
–verb (used without object) state or assume a premise.

1. assumption, postulate. 5. postulate, hypothesize.

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