Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Report: AT&T single-stream HD trial has liftoff in Houston

Does High Tech Require High Fiber?

AT&T U-verse Voice Coming Soon

LUS Fiber case goes to state Supreme Court

AT&T: We're Sticking With FTTN

City of Palo Alto releases FTTH RFP (PDF)

Municipal utilities provide broadband alternative in Germany

California City wants to own fibre network

City of Bellevue, Iowa Selects Trident7 Optical Access Platform from Wave7 Optics for New Municipal FTTP Network

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Zoomy Communications Earns Fiber to the Home Certification

Wave7 to light up two more muni FTTH deployments

Charter, CDE go to battle over vote (TN)

FTTH Con: Verizon FiOS ads keep it simple

Verizon to Roll out New FiOS Applications

Municipally funded fiber-optic network UTOPIA may be struggling, but its impact is growing

GlobeCast WorldTV Supply Verizon FiOS with International TV Content

FTTH Councils release universal definitions for FTTH and broadband access terms

Danville advances broadband (VA)

Bigger role for small fry in broadband

North American FTTH Subscribers Climb to 1 Million, 6 Million Homes Passed

Japan FTTH powder keg is exploding

Could little glass strands change Wilson?

City to get fiber optic broadband service (IN)

City to get fiber optic broadband service (IN)

PONdering Broadband

Verizon Fueling North American Fiber Growth

FTTH Con: Muni broadband advocate sees ‘rosy picture’

FTTH Con: Fiber-connected homes top 1 million

Friday, September 29, 2006

Yano Research Survey on FTTH Service and Market Outlook for Optical Transmission Devices

Delta partners with BroadLight for BPON and GPON transceivers

City of Palo Alto FTTH RFP (pdf)

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Alloptic Selected for 2,000 Home FTTH Project in Venezuela

Figuring FiOS

Fee Fi Fo Fios

Verizon: Fiber Net Is Pointed Towards Profitability

Fios Spending: $9,650 for Each Home?

City considers fiber optics cable (MN)

AT&T U-Verse HD In a 'Few Weeks'

Verizon's Answer to Wayne's World

Verizon Communications downgraded to "hold"

Verizon Provides New Financial and Operational Details on Its Fiber Network as Deployment Gains Momentum

Badges for FTTH, and Verizon gets the first

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wave7 Introduces New Management System for FTTP

Verizon offers New Details on FiOS Service

Fulcrum and BroadLight Partner to Target Next-Generation GPON System Market (pdf)

Wave7 Thinks Mindspeed

Alphion Unveils FTTx Amplifiers

Verizon to Pump $18B Into FiOS by 2010

EXFO debuts FTTx-optimized Cable Assembly and Component Test System

Bell Canada drives consistent broadband over FTTN

NTCA Fall Conference: More Than a Touch of Glass

Last Mile Ethernet, Ohio Style

ECOC 2006: France Telecom Outlines GPON Strategy

ECOC 2006: ‘Europe Must Act Now to Make it Happen’

Fiber optic confusion

Fiber, Coax or DSL? Meeting Customer Demand for Bandwidth (pdf)

Broadband: You Need It. (pdf)

Fiber to the Home Council Introduces National Program to Certify Fiber-to-the-Home Broadband Connections

Wave7, EMBARQ team on FTTP deployment (OH)

Monday, September 25, 2006

Verizon Gets Trio of Final Franchise OKs

European municipalities lead FTTH charge

Verizon Celebrates FiOS TV's First Anniversary

Verizon planning local content unit

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bangladesh Builds FTTH System

Salt Lake County coughed up $55 million for a soccer stadium, but Salt Lake City couldn’t set aside $70 million for a fiber-optic network

Summit Focuses on Broadband Growth in W.Va.

FiOS TV reaches Indiana

Draka Comteq announces BendBright fiber for FTTx applications

Ignis Warms Up to WDM-PONs

Brunei Looks To Japan To Boost Internet Services

Enablence Technologies and Ignis Photonyx Sign Supply Agreement

Enablence and Kotura Sign Cooperation Agreement (PDF)

Ignis Photonyx to Demo WDM-PON System at ECOC in Cannes; LG-Nortel System to Showcase Ignis' Access Products Allowing 100MB Per Home for Triple Play

Link3 taps Wave7 Optics for FTTH network in Bangladesh

Wave7 Supplies FTTP to Cayman Islands

Wave7 Deploys FTTH In Bangladesh

Report: Speed remains weapon of choice in broadband wars

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Glitches force Verizon to shoulder some Microsoft TV development work

Planting Fiber: Rural Iowa Telcos Pushing Triple Play

Ex-LUS plaintiff apologizes for delaying project

Fiber-to-the-Home Council Says Senate Bill Would Boost U.S. Fiber Networks

SLOW CONNECTION: Verizon steadily expands its cable TV service with town-by-town approach

Boucher: Net neutrality stalls broadband measure

Louisiana Municipal Association joins fiber court fight

La. Utility Continues Broadband Fight

Monday, September 18, 2006

Fiber to the Home: A World of Headaches for Comcast

Report: BellSouth outfitting some plant with VDSL2

VON: BellSouth plans major VDSL2 upgrade

AT&T inks first cable content deal

New Knoxville Telephone to Expand FTTP Network with Trident7 Optical Access Platform from Wave7 Optics

Friday, September 15, 2006

Broadband services to ­fuel fiber growth in Europe

European municipalities lead FTTH charge

How invisible should your FTTH network be?


Bell Canada drives consistent broadband over FTTN

Making a Case for IPTV

PMC-Sierra intros analog front-end devices for GPON, EPON

Iliad Gets Active With FTTH

Telcos Edge Cable in Q2 Broadband Battle

VON: BellSouth plans major VDSL2 upgrade

Corecess Intros DWDM-PON

New Knoxville Telephone to expand FTTP network

PON chips can cut access network equipment costs

Verizon and DIRECTV Target MDUs

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Peter Cochrane's Blog: No more copper - fibre rules

Fibre knocks at McMansion doors

In the Wake of Hurricane Katrina, Biloxi Development Goes Ultra High Tech

Industry contemplates WDM-PON technology

OCP looks to Asian FTTH market as the way ahead

Japan experiences negative DSL growth as FTTH Soars

Nortel Teams with Telus for Multimedia Infrastructure

Iliad Chooses Draka Comteq for FTTH Network

Nokia to provide installation & integration services for Telus FTTN

Free to deploy FTTH Network; Open Network to Competition

FSAN Announces Successful Service Level GPON Interoperability

Telus to build FTTN Network

Utility district to begin another broadband survey

Louisiana City Takes Fiber Optic Fight to State's High Court

Iliad announces FTTH network in Paris and other French cities

Super-Fast Internet to Debut This Year

Full Spectrum and Bend-Insensitive Fiber Optimized for FTTx and Premises Applications (pdf)

Iliad Plans $1.3B Fiber Optic Network

AT&T to stream TV to Net users

Thursday, September 07, 2006

FTTH Council Committee Activities - September

Whole Home Networking: Video Changes the Game

FTTH Council Launches Service Provider User Group

2006 FTTH Conference & Expo

From the FTTH Council Chair, Diane Kruse

Politics squeezes effort on broadband (IL)

Fios's Weak Link: The Power Outage

Ultra-broadband forum Sept. 15 in Las Cruces

Quote of the day:

Ultra-broadband, also known as the Utah Telecommunications Infrastructure Agency Model or UTOPIA....

Congressman "Lights" Up Nickelsville Fiber Network

Telephony Webcast - The GPON Migration

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Verizon Expands Massachusetts Footprint

New Report: FTTx Modules And Components Market To Surpass $1.5 Billion In 2011

Teknovus Continues to Win Carrier Deployments in China; More Than 20 Chinese Provinces and Cities Embrace GEPON FTTH Solutions

Optical line termination, passive optical network, and method and apparatus for performance monitoring

Fiber-to-the-premise architectures

Note: "fiber to the premise" means "fiber to the assumption". The correct term is "fiber to the premises".

Lucent's Japanese services arm to resell Novera's WDM-PON

Teknovus inks 20 Chinese contracts for GEPON equipment

Broadband Properties Magazine Names Zoomy Communications Among Top 100 Fiber to the Home Companies

Cable ready - Legislation aims to open up state for competition (PA)

Verizon Promises Pennsylvania Competition

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Verizon FiOS Fiasco

Calif. on verge of state franchise; FiOS trickles ever on

Pay-TV Bill OKd by State Senate (CA)

Friday, September 01, 2006

State Broadband Battles

Fiber vs. Wi-Fi for San Francisco

Verizon launches FTTP in Indiana -Now available in 15 states

OMRON to Acquire Optical Communications Components

Red tape delays new traffic lights

Council approves AT&T deal

Bill would let phone companies compete for cable TV franchises (CA)

Thursday, August 31, 2006

AT&T U-verse TV to Include The Weather Channel

Is Fiber TV a Good Deal?

High-speed broadband to be explored (MN)

Is AT&T’s Current Project Lightspeed Actually Project Slightspeed?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Lightspeed Unauthorized

Pike & Fischer: Verizon may be too optimistic on FiOS service

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Seattle pares broadband list

Fiberdata Integration builds GPON network for Swedish cable comapny

Worldwide Markets for Fiberoptics in Broadband Access Networks

New AT&T Video Strategy Could Be In The Works

Urban developers tap into fibre

Verizon adds Windows Live services

Verizon offers free Internet gaming

Monday, August 28, 2006

Optical Communications buys GigaComm

Cable gains ground while IPTV stalls

Rebuttal on Lightspeed

Open FTTH network in Rotterdam: 7 EUR per month for symmetrical 30 Mbps service

Verizon Brings Hyper-Fast Internet Connections to Gresham Customers (OR)

High Speed Broadband Over Fibre (NZ)

Manukau leading way on super-fast broadband

Key Lesson from the Top 100: Fiber is Easier (pdf)

How To Leverage FTTH – Theme for Summit 2006 (pdf)

Bel Joins MoCA

Moto, Tellabs Get MoCA

Tellabs & Motorola ONTs Receive MoCA Certification

Friday, August 25, 2006

A Quiet Revolution: How Technology Is Changing the Way We Live

Challenges for the Korean IPTV Industry

Verizon's FiOS TV Approved in 12th New York Community

Verizon Expands Choice for TV Service to Florida's Bradenton, Manatee County Residents

AT&T U-verse TV to Include Current TV

Millbury (MA) eyes 2nd cable TV company

IMC Networks Announces New Compact SNMP-Manageable Optical Ethernet Demarcation Unit

New Report Examines the Rather Complex Value Chain That Exists For FTTx Components

Figure-of-eight drop cables target FTTH

RDUP lists additional ADC FTTx products

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Verizon, Cablevision skirmish as war nears

San Antonio developer chooses AT&T Uverse

Stalking Verizon FiOS in the Jersey Jungle

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Alloptic and ProCibernetica sign reseller agreement for Colombia

AT&T: Hold the MoCA

AT&T Selects HomePNA 3 for Home Networking Technology

City pursues dual — and dueling — solutions to the digital divide (San Francisco)

FTTP solutions co Iamba raises $8m

Analyst Data Names Calix Top GPON and MSAP-Based DSL Supplier in North America

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

New approaches to FTTP

Finland's TeliaSonera launches fiber-based broadband services

Zarlink and BroadLight team for packet processing over GPON

Fiber Distribution Hubs (FDHs) for Fiber-to-the-Premises Services Family of Requirements

Novera Speeds WDM-PON

Europe In No Rush to Roll Out FTTH

No Truck-Roll Required With Fujitsu’s GPON Platform

TeliaSonera Finland launches FTTP via metro Ethernet

Fiber optics standard in new homes

Need for speed

Monday, August 21, 2006

Verizon's good news may be bad for cable

Voters hold power over CDE growth (TN)

Naperville Approves Competitive Video Services Contract

City's plan for Lightspeed build-out clashes with AT&T

Should Cable Just Run Fiber to the Home?

Internal CableLabs Report Sparks Stir

DNS could slow broadband service

City to expand fiber network (Wilson, NC)

Yet another jaw-dropping development in the Dutch access market

Friday, August 18, 2006

Industry mulls over WDM-PON technology

ImmenStar intros dual-mode EPON/GPON chipset

Creating a cost-effective plug-and-play FTTP architecture

CIR Forecasts FTTx Module Market

FTTH Shipments Up 245%

PON Subscribership Climbs

FTTx, VDSL Markets on the Up

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Voice of Broadband - Aug. 14th Edition (pdf)

Fiber optics is faster than wireless Internet service-by a bunch

Naperville pulls plug on Lightspeed

Utility Broadband the TRE-FOR Way

AT&T takes on cable rivals with its Homezone service

Study: Cable may need to spend billions to compete in broadband

Global Incumbent Carrier FTTH Keynote Panel (pdf)

Triple-Play Services Delivered to Worker's Housing in Mexico (pdf)

The Super-Fast Bandon GPON Project (pdf) **

Independent Telcos and FTTH (pdf)

Verizon's First FiOS MDU (pdf)

Broadband Market Growth, Fiber and Wireless (pdf)

Plans for super-fast broadband in Marlborough sounds (New Zealand)

NTCA Survey: Comprehensive Broadband Deployment in Rural Areas

FiOS daylight ahead, Seidenberg says

Verizon owns 81% of U.S. FTTH subs

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

FTTXcellence Award nominations solicited

FTTH Council Fiber Community Webinar featuing Pulaski Electric Systems of Pulaski, Tennessee

Towns teaming up to build high-speed Internet network

AT&T Still Has IPTV 'Jitters'

Appeals court backs FCC on fiber line sharing

FTTH Success Stories Abound at the Fiber-to-the-Home Council's 2006 Annual Conference

Clarksville (TN) Set For Fiber Referendum

Voters hold power over CDE growth (Clarksville, TN)

Telstra Abandons FTTN Plan

Toll Brothers Homes and Qwest to Deliver Advanced Connectivity to Homes and Businesses in Windgate Ranch

Multiple-wavelength pulsed light source for a wavelength division multiplexed passive optical network

More Fla. Sun for FiOS TV

FiOS TV Rolls a Seven on Long Island

Verizon's Fios services build momentum

Verizon Is Rewiring New York, Block by Block, in a Race for Survival

Verizon seeks to offer TV service in NYC

G9 unveil FTTN plan

The Costs of War

Small But Growing Band of Cable Operators Trying to Fight Fire with Fiber, says ABI Research

BPON or GPON? Keeping your Focus on a Moving Target

2.5Gb/s Internet For French Homes

Bulloch Telephone sees fiber future

Could Muni Fiber KO Muni Wi-Fi?

FiOS TV Has Date with Anne Arundel

Bell unveils faster Internet service in competitive Quebec

Municipal Broadband Will Pose Growing Threat to For-Profit Operators

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