Friday, August 29, 2008

Hitachi Teams with Falcon IP/Complete to Deliver MPEG-4 IPTV

AT&T Takes U-verse to Hometown of Fighting Irish

Verizon To Pull Analog TV Signals In Texas

Qwest CTO on FTTP, bandwidth caps and integrated services

Qwest Defends Not Running FTTH

Bell Canada expands its FTTN reach

Hitachi and Falcon Provide IPTV to Rural US Operators

Verizon Foes Ground & Pound in New York

Qwest Also Claims Fiber Optic Mantle - It's Time to Drop The Acronyms

Pulaski Electric selects new AMI communications system

Municipal Broadband 2.0

Muni fiber networks bounce back

The Copper versus Fiber Conundrum

FiOS TV getting small-business traction

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