Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rock 'em, sock 'em TV providers: Comcast digital cable vs. AT&T U-Verse TV

AT&T to roll out TV service in Palm Beach County next week

Report: AT&T Slowing on U-verse

Verizon, Time Warner Cable on war footing in N.Y.

Telco wouldn't install fiber network, sued to prevent city from doing so

Pannaway Networks Lights Up Fiber For Manti Tele Communications

The End Of DSL? AT&T, Verizon Show Weak Broadband Growth. Good News For Comcast, Cable?

Unions Rally, Vowing Strike at Verizon

Top 2 Bosses at Alcatel Are Leaving

Verizon Hits 2M FiOS Subs

Minnesota scraps multicity muni fiber plans

Tennessee: Cable appeals EPB case dismissals

AT&T plans $400 million fiber investment in Alabama

FiOS outpaces cable for Web, study says

Business insight: Utopia Citizens Advisory Network

Chattanooga: Reshaping the telecom landscape

Incumbents Be Warned: Don't Mess with Muni-Broadband

Europe’s next-generation broadband

Verizon inks more franchise agreements for FiOS service

All Markets Will See U-Verse Dual HD Streams By Q3

Verizon ups in-home FiOS speeds to 175 Mb/s

The Best Municipal Broadband Strategy - Just Lay Conduit

Monticello FiberNet update with Christopher Mitchell

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