Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Verizon To Cut Off FiOS TV Analog In Massachusetts

AT&T enhances U-verse TV in San Antonio

Rural FTTP 'perfectly economical,' says muni fiber veteran

FTTx Summit

Reduced Bend Radius Fiber, Deploying in MDU Environments

Ofcom proposes FTTx regulation

BroadLight awarded PON patent

Belfast trial points to a fibre-rich future

United Telephone Calls On Clearfield For FTTH Deployment (ND)

Trump Organization's Visionary Fiber-Optic Network Earns Cornerstone Award From Broadband Properties Summit

Corning And Lightwave Open Nominations For Fifth Annual FTTXcellence Award

Qwest Launches Two New, Super High-Speed Fiber-Optic Internet Services

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