Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Peter Cochrane's Blog: No more copper - fibre rules

Fibre knocks at McMansion doors

In the Wake of Hurricane Katrina, Biloxi Development Goes Ultra High Tech

Industry contemplates WDM-PON technology

OCP looks to Asian FTTH market as the way ahead

Japan experiences negative DSL growth as FTTH Soars

Nortel Teams with Telus for Multimedia Infrastructure

Iliad Chooses Draka Comteq for FTTH Network

Nokia to provide installation & integration services for Telus FTTN

Free to deploy FTTH Network; Open Network to Competition

FSAN Announces Successful Service Level GPON Interoperability

Telus to build FTTN Network

Utility district to begin another broadband survey

Louisiana City Takes Fiber Optic Fight to State's High Court

Iliad announces FTTH network in Paris and other French cities

Super-Fast Internet to Debut This Year

Full Spectrum and Bend-Insensitive Fiber Optimized for FTTx and Premises Applications (pdf)

Iliad Plans $1.3B Fiber Optic Network

AT&T to stream TV to Net users

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