Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Intelligent Communities Think Tank Releases White Paper on Top 7 Cities

Fiber rollout continues (LUS)

Utopia Hits 100Mbps

PLDT’s cable Internet to rival SkyBroadband

Ericsson builds FTTH technology based communications infrastructure for broadband services

A day in a life with broadband

The fight for fast Internet anywhere

IPTV installers also the best sales people

Still Waiting On Faster AT&T Speeds, Line Bonding

Rural America not ready for broadband? Hogwash, say ISPs

Highly recommended read.

2009 Fiber to the Home Conference to Focus on Broadband Stimulus Programs and Business Strategies for Advancing Fiber Optic Networks

Enablence CEO Stands by His Plan

Why you'll never see 200Mbps from a 200Mbps 'Net connection

100 Mbps Broadband Reaches Rural America

Telecom NZ tables options for fibre plan

10 Things We Hate About ISPs and Cable and Phone Companies

A little something to remember in the rush to new technology is that customers want to be treated like people - regardless of the technology.

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