Monday, June 09, 2008

Bahamas Telecommunications Company Limited (BTC) Selects Calix For Next-Generation Access Network

Monticello Fiber Network Fighting Frivolous Lawsuit

Broadlight secures another GPON patent

iProvo FTTH project has new owners after city votes to sell

AT&T Considers Usage-Based Pricing as BitTorrent Solution

Will FiOS Eventually See Caps, Per-Byte Billing?

AT&T Questions Connecticut Agency On U-verse Ruling

FiOS TV Gets Babylonian

Why IP When You Need TV?

The U-verse Experiment

Verizon adding more standard, HD channels this summer

If Comcast Wins, We Pay - And Response (TN)

Why do so many Americans have crummy Internet speeds?

AT&T launches U-verse VoIP in Oklahoma City

Verizon (FiOS) begins overbuilding AT&T (U-verse) in Texas

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