Friday, May 23, 2008

Askey selects BroadLight's BL2348 SoC for GPON residential gateways

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Scott said...

This could be the start of a very interesting set of developments for PON. Askey, a Taiwanese maker of modems and gateways, is putting a GPON front end into a residential gateway.

There have been numerous prognostications that RG and ONT were going to be combined, but so far no one has really moved down that path. The main reason for not going that way (at least in North America) is that the major carriers still want a box on the outside or just inside to house to cut down on installation and liabilities. In Asia, in general, the idea hasn't taken off because the bandwidth provider is not necessarily the service provider.

Maybe the customer is in Europe?

It remains to be seen how much the ONT market will change in general once very low-cost RG-type elements with integrated GPON capabilities are available. It will be difficult long term to keep justifying expensive, hardened, outside ONTs when the market has cheap, indoor ONT/RGs available.

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