Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Voice of Broadband - Aug. 14th Edition (pdf)

Fiber optics is faster than wireless Internet service-by a bunch

Naperville pulls plug on Lightspeed

Utility Broadband the TRE-FOR Way

AT&T takes on cable rivals with its Homezone service

Study: Cable may need to spend billions to compete in broadband

Global Incumbent Carrier FTTH Keynote Panel (pdf)

Triple-Play Services Delivered to Worker's Housing in Mexico (pdf)

The Super-Fast Bandon GPON Project (pdf) **

Independent Telcos and FTTH (pdf)

Verizon's First FiOS MDU (pdf)

Broadband Market Growth, Fiber and Wireless (pdf)

Plans for super-fast broadband in Marlborough sounds (New Zealand)

NTCA Survey: Comprehensive Broadband Deployment in Rural Areas

FiOS daylight ahead, Seidenberg says

Verizon owns 81% of U.S. FTTH subs

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