Monday, April 14, 2008

Verizon to cease broadcasting analog channels on FiOS

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Scott said...

What's missing - at least in this version of the story - is that Verizon really, really wanted to get rid of those analog channels. It's being presented here as if Verizon reluctantly agreed to move to all digital, but the only reason that they had for keeping the analog tier was for the "grandmother-who-hates-set-top-boxes" market. And that's not a huge revenue-producing market.

Getting rid of digital solves a myriad of technical problems for Verizon: more bandwidth available for more channels, less interference from other wavelengths on the PON, ability to transport the signal longer distances, etc. This is a good thing for them.

The question will be how many customers will put up with another STB in their house when they can go with a cable provider and still get the analog tier (at least for a few more years). Despite the hopes of the big guys, there are still a lot of people not willing to pay $100+ each month for television service.

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