Friday, April 25, 2008

Qwest Rolls out Faster Broadband


Scott said...

Before anyone gets too excited that Qwest is actually rolling out FTTH (as claimed in this article), read further. It seems apparent to me that the author doesn't know or doesn't want to distinguish the difference between FTTH and FTTN. Based on other stories, I'd say it's pretty safe that Qwest is sticking with FTTN for most deployments.

feit said...

That article is one of the laziest pieces of journalism I've ever read. It's a press release passed through a completely uncritical filter. Another blog I frequent, Jesse Harris's, has been doing an excellent job cutting through the BS on this subject though largely in the context of Qwest's FTTN plans in Utah.

Scott said...

That explains a lot. Like why there are suddenly dozens of articles about Qwest all over the internet, when they've been largely quiet for years.

It is a shame what happened to US West and to Qwest. US West had one of the first VDSL trials in North America (before FTTH was viable) and was really pushing the limits of technology back before the Qwest takeover. Qwest had one of the first OC-192 backbones in the world and was doing some impressive things ... at least on paper ... before the house of cards collapsed. Now they're loaded up with debt and mostly just watching from the sidelines.

There are some very talented people going to waste out in Denver. Hopefully this is the start of a turnaround for them. But disingenuous press releases aren't a good way to start.

feit said...

It's hard to believe the timing of Qwest's press releases regarding FTTN and the ensuing media coverage don't have something to do with the UTOPIA bond refi effort, which so far is going rather well mind you.

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