Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fujitsu: G-PON System (2006 PDF)


Scott said...

OK, so this paper is almost 2 years old, but I just ran across it in a search. It's interesting to see the grand plans Fujitsu had for GPON in North America. They even publicly wrote about Hybrid PON (now an Alcatel marketing pitch).

It almost makes you forget that Fujitsu abandoned the North American PON market altogether about a year later.

Anonymous said...

Didn't help their cause that they say GE-PON can only support a 1x16 split or less. Little errors like that one can make it easy to second guess their other statements.

Scott said...

Actually, I believe that the standard for GE-PON was originally 1:16. At least it used to be. However, you are correct that implementations up to 1:64 are now claimed by the GE-PON folks. No one making a legitimate competitive comparison between GE-PON and GPON would handicap it that way now.

Just giving the authors the benefit of the doubt. Maybe that's the way they deployed it in Japan.

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