Friday, March 28, 2008

Getting Digital in the Dessert


Scott said...

First of all, yes that is a misspelling. Digital sweets are not yet available, as far as I know.

Secondly, yes that is indeed yours truly in the photo at the Hitachi booth.

feit said...

What a stroke of brilliance holding a conference aimed at municipal employees at a casino.

Scott said...

That was the universal sentiment at the conference. Previous versions had been in Reston, VA (close to Washington, DC). It was much easier for municipal officials to justify a trip to DC than a trip to a resort in Arizona.

As I understand it, the conference is under new management and is working out the kinks. To their credit, they were very willing to listen to the concerns and address them going forward.

DCE has been a very good show in the past - one of the best sources of municipal leads that I've been to. Hopefully it will return to that level next year.

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