Thursday, March 27, 2008

FTTP innovations aid Verizon’s push into big MDUs


feit said...

Whenever I read about FIOS in MDUs it's never mentioned that the product is reduced to FTTB and VDSL to the unit (VDSL1 with BPON and VDSL2 with GPON). Interestingly though, every time I read about it what is mentioned is 'advancements in technology' such as not so new bendable fiber, but that's mostly a ruse as the fiber stops in the basement.

Scott said...

Some of Verizon's deployments have been with fiber all the way to the apartment. However, those are typically in "garden-style" apartments where there is access to an external closet or something. There was at least one published deployment with a developer where the Tellabs ONTs were pulled out of their cases and installed in a closet in every apartment during construction. And Verizon has been working with their incumbents to come up with ways to get the ONTs into the living units in more MDUs (long runs to a common battery, etc.). All of those would use the bendable fiber and other such innovations.

But you are correct that most of the MDU deployments in places like Manhattan will probably be with the pizza-box ONTs that run VDSLx to the individual living units. Getting the fiber into the basement may require bendable fiber for ease of deployment, but not in the volumes suggested by this and other articles.

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